How To Deal With Harmful Bed Bugs

The bed bugs are oval and brownish color insects mostly living in the blood of humans and animals. These are so tiny you can barely see them with your eyes. They have the size of an apple seed but after they digest blood, they swell and their bodies become bigger. The bed bugs don’t fly, they just crawl over floors and ceilings and hide in crevices and cracks. Further, bed bugs hide in the undetected luggage and on couches and used clothes. With their flattened bodies, it becomes easier for them to adjust anywhere. 

The bed bugs are mostly active at night and bite people especially when they are sleeping. Also, they pierce through the skin and suck the blood out of people. The bugs mostly feed for about 3 to 10 minutes and then move away. 

bed bug infestation
bed bug infestation

How to identify bed bug infestation?

If you find itchy areas in your body while you were sleeping, know it is the work of the bed bugs. If there is any used bed around your home, there you can find these bugs. Furthermore, it shows some other signs as follows:

  1. There will be blood stains on the pillows and sheets
  2. You can find leftover egg shells or shed skin where the bugs hide. 
  3. The bugs leave a musty and annoying smell behind them, etc. 

Bed Bug Control is easy but you should know the right pest solutions of doing it. If you see any such infestation, simply give an inspection and call the professionals. They can help you in the best ways possible. Try removing the dust from the bottom boxes and beds too. Check the bedding area, telephones, inside books, etc. You must check your closet since the bed bugs are also so much attracted to clothing. 

How to get rid of the bed bugs?

For getting rid of the bed bugs, start at the center point where you first found them. 

  1. Clean the bedding and the linens in warm water. All those stuffed animals that can’t be washed must be placed in steam for about 30 minutes. 
  2. Use a stiff brush to dust off the mattresses to remove the bugs and their eggs. 
  3. Prefer vacuuming the bed every once in a while. It protects your beds and the bugs don’t get much of a chance to enter. Place the vacuum cleaners in a bag and place the garbage outdoors. 
  4. Keep the mattresses encased and zipped to protect them from the bugs. The bugs can live up to 1 year, so you should prevent the chances of them entering. 
  5. If there are any cracks in the walls, repair them as soon as possible. If you see any mess in your bedrooms, clean it immediately. 

Cleaning up the infested areas helps in controlling the bugs at the earliest. Treating the beds with insecticides can be harmful. Don’t treat the mattresses unless you have read the labels. 


The safest and best way to treat bed bugs is to hire local pest control companies. They know their job well and you will get rid of them within minutes. 

Bed Bug And Termite Control

Pests can create a scary environment in your home and when it comes to bed bugs it becomes scarier. We all know that bed bugs are creepy. They can put you and your family in trouble. A bed bug bite can cause rashes on your skin. They can also damage the walls of your house. If you find out any bed bug infestation in your home then immediately call the pest control company. On the other hand, if there are termites in your house then you need to do something about them quickly. These small insects will silently damage the infrastructure of your house. It is also not possible to notice the termite infestation without the help of pest control experts.

6 Ways To Get Rid Of Bed Bug And Termites

Reduce the level of moisture – One of the main reasons for a pest infestation is moisture. Moisture easily attracts bed bugs as well as termites. Always keep in mind to keep your home moisture-free. The bad bugs and termites will not invade your house if they do not find it wet. You can also maintain a cool temperature in your house to keep these pests away from your home.

Seal the cracks and holes – These pests mostly enter through the small holes and cracks in your home. You need to inspect your property and if you find any holes and cracks then seal them properly. If the entry points are closed then it will be difficult for these bed bugs and termites to invade your house.

Cleanliness is important – If you want to keep these bed bugs and termites away from your home then you need to clean your house properly. These pests love to live in dirty and unhygienic places. It is also your responsibility to keep your house clean on time.  You will easily find a pest infestation in dirty places.

Inspection of your property – It is important for you to keep an eye on your property to avoid pest infestation. You need to do a house inspection every month to keep the pests away from your home. A regular pest inspection will help you to stop the infestation before it becomes more dangerous. If you find out any signs of bed bugs and termites then you need to take some action.

Use anti-pests spray – You can also use some chemical methods to keep these pests away from your home. An anti-pest spray will help you to get rid of these pests. This spray will work as a pest repellent. You can buy this spray from the market. It is also possible to make your own anti-pests spray at home to keep these termites and bed bugs away.

Don’t bring used furniture at home – Old furniture can also be the reason for the bed bugs and termites invading your house. Always keep in mind to buy fresh furniture for your home. These small creatures can easily damage your old furniture. Termites will silently attack the wooden items in your home.

Hire The Professional Pest Controllers To Keep Them Bed Bug And Termites Away

Even after trying everything you are not getting rid of these small creepy creatures, then you need to call the professional pest control service provider. If you are looking for pest control professionals, then you can call Pest Control Amaroo to get rid of these bed bugs and termites. Our company delivers the best pest control service in your area. We also have a team of well-experienced professionals. Our experts will listen to your problems to give you the best possible solution. Additionally, our service prices are affordable. So just give us a call now to book your appointment.